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Movement and Meditation

Family, medtation, movement, healing

We dance, we exercise, we breathe, and then we socialize and relax while the kids play. Come join our family for our mid-week mindfulness check in.

Postponed while healing, thank you 

BTI Fall Event

family, natural, homeopathic

Its our favorite time of year! Join us for our craft and vendor fair this fall. 

When: October 20th, 2018

Time: 8am - 4pm

Where: 604 19th St. West behind the spoke shop in Billings. 

Meditation Group

Meditation, balance, group, energy, healing, reiki

Come join us at Barjon's Saturday mornings. Re-balance and center yourself while receiving a channeled meditation and energy healing session.

Saturdays 10:15 am - 11:15 am 



I have used the anti-aging face balm for a year now. I love it. I have also used the bug spray, flu bomb roller bottle, sunscreen and the shampoo/body wash. I am incredibly pleased with everything I have gotten from Wholeness Healings.


I have used the anti aging facial cream for a year and I am so hooked! I was an Avon representative for 7 years and had always used that and was very hesitant on changing over, I saw other people keep ordering this so I ordered some and tried it, the changes I saw in the my skin softening and also my lines decreasing were amazing! I will be committed to using this as long as it is available. I also have tried the sunscreen now and it has been just as wonderful, does make my skin look younger, feels more supple, and does not have me burn.


I am a user of the facial cream-anti-aging cream. I am also a user of the sunscreen the shampoo and I have an arthritis pain relief medication. I have been fully satisfied with every product that I have used and most of them I have used for at least half a year and the anti-aging facial cream I've used for a year - my daughter says it's making differences but it still hasn't changed my hair color :D



I met Aaron back in March of 2017 and have been working with her on some personal/professional mentoring for the past 4 months. I am not someone that always looks at how far and how much I have changed and my confidence level has grown in ways I never thought it would. Aaron has the ability to just help you see the good in yourself and help you overcome things that hold me back in my life, both personal and business. I am also working on my health and am on the path to finding the foods that do not give me the energy I need to get me through the day. This is something that I am excited about because one of my goals it to get healthy again! Aaron is someone that has great visions and is able to help you reach them and I have full confidence in her.