Melt Away Your Stress

Reiki healing sessions in Billings, MT

Stress can overwhelm your life and affect your physical and mental health in negative ways. At Wholeness Healings, we offer our clients a solution to manage their stress. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction that promotes healing via life force energy distribution.

Reiki sessions are always available for you from the comfort of your own home. Energy work can be accomplished through distance and will leave you feeling relaxed.

Our talented Reiki healers help clients all over Billings, Montana reduce stress and improve their health by increasing their life force energy stores. Call 406-200-8212 today to book a Reiki session in Billings, MT.

3 things to expect at a Reiki session

3 things to expect at a Reiki session

If you’re new to Reiki treatments, they may seem a little scary. But don’t worry – Reiki is relaxing and completely non-invasive. Here are a few things that will happen at your session:

  1. You will lay comfortably on a table or sit in a chair to receive your treatment. Comfort is of the utmost importance during Reiki treatments.
  2. Your Reiki practitioner will place her hands lightly on your head and the front and back of your torso.
  3. You will likely start to feel very relaxed, refreshed and comforted during your Reiki session.
If your life force energy is low, you’re more likely to fall ill or feel stressed. If it’s high, however, you’ll feel happy and healthy. Keep your energy levels high by meeting with a Reiki healer regularly.