Isn’t it Time to Turn Your Life Around?

Hire a transformational life coach in Billings, MT

Transform your life today and see yourself through fresh eyes. At Wholeness Healings, we offer special life coaching programs to fast-track your success and provide personal fulfillment and happiness. They are:

  • Empowering YOU: Find yourself through your difficult TEEN years.
  • - This program is perfect for teens embarking on their transitional journey of self-discovery. Puberty is hard enough!

  • Empowered Parenting: Find the Joy and Peace of being a balanced parent.
  • - This program is perfect for the busy, over-tired, or "at your wits end" parent seeking balance in life as an individual and parent.

  • Love the Skin You’re In: Embark on your 12 - week Wellness Journey
  • -This program is perfect for women want to lose that extra weight, reached a plateau, or who need that extra support and a bit of tough love.

  • The Transformational Wellness Journey: Invest in yourself for a 90 Day Intensive.
  • -This program is perfect for the individual ready to commit to transforming every aspect of their life and they have tried and fallen off track before.

Are you wondering which is the best option for you? Call 406-200-8212 or 844-484 4545 now to speak with a wellness coach in Billings, MT about your personal needs, goals and stressors.

A message from Aaron

Here’s a message from our owner, a trained transformational life coach:
Hey there! I'd love to tell you all about Wholeness Healings. Wholeness Healings is the space for all branches of my wellness passions to have a home. We are dedicated to the art of health by healing the mind, body, and spirit through dedication to self and family. I am a transformational life coach. I will meet you where you are on your life journey and help you move forward to where you want to be.

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