About Us

About Us

It all starts with an idea.

Wholeness Healings was created with an idea that our family could be healthier with our own health and medical issues. We are dedicated to sharing our experiences on our journey to help other improve their way of life too!

Over the years, we have learned how to make our family healthier. With the use of essential oils, easy homemade yogurt, kefir, and kombucha for food allergies and general well-being. We are continual works-in-progress, always working towards organic, non-GMO products, and healthy probiotics being used in our lives to aid in being healthy from the inside out.

Aaron has years of experience working with women, teens, and parents, is a Certified Health and Life Coach, and a Reiki Master. Aaron and her mother, Kathie, developed natural homeopathic wellness products to meet the needs of friends and family. From chronic pain to diabetic nerve pain, sunscreen to bug spray, and teen to anti-aging face balms, we work to protect our bodies for all occasions!

Here at Wholeness Healings we are dedicated to mastering the art of wholeness: healing mind, body, and spirit through dedication to self and family. We hope our experiences and knowledge will help you along your journey of self-healing.